A common sense fiscal conservative to bring balance to city council.


Mike Allen, Former City Council Member, Republican

Andy listens and is solution oriented. On the Park Board, I engaged with him first hand as he pulled people together to solve a budget crisis and improve service delivery at the same time.

Murray Huppin, Business Owner, Democrat

I’m excited about Andy’s candidacy. His focus on growing the job base and providing outstanding city services is the leadership we need.

Ozzie Knezovich, Spokane County Sheriff

Andy will focus our tax dollars on public safety and customer service. He’s opposed to the rails initiative that will divert precious taxpayer dollars to defend something that’s clearly unconstitutional.

Tom Keefe, former Spokane County Democratic Chairman and legislative aide to Washington U.S. senators Magnuson and Adams

Andy understands that political partisanship has no place in non-partisan city government, and has the experience and commitment to serve the public interest every day as a member of our city council.

Steve Salvatori, Former City Council Member

Andy is fair, pragmatic and objective. He knows how the city operates and will provide focus and balance to city council.

Steve Corker, Former Spokane City Council Member and Former Democratic Party Chair

Andy’s balanced inclusive approach to finding solutions is needed on today’s City Council. I am impressed with Andy’s leadership skills, his intellect and contributions to the City’s Park Board.

State Senator Shelly Short

I have worked with Andy Dunau for the past 23 years on state and federal issues.  Andy is a hard-working, budget conscious individual who strives for common sense solutions.  I wholeheartedly endorse Andy Dunau for Spokane City Council.

The Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA)

SHBA endorses Andy Dunau because he has the experience and the vision to be a collaborative leader on the Spokane City Council. Andy is committed to building Spokane infrastructure and promoting affordable housing options.

Mike Fagan, Spokane City Council

My support and endorsement goes to Andy Dunau, a fiscal conservative who kept the Spokane Parks viable during the recession. His opponent, Breean Beggs is the author of the coal/oil train initiative, is pushing a sidewalk property tax increase, was pushing for the sugar/soda pop tax, and is at the heart of dividing the East Central neighborhood on the community center contract.

Scott Hutsell, Lincoln County Commissioner

I have known Andy for the last 9 years and have worked with him on The Lake Roosevelt Forum Board. Andy is a great communicator and leader. He will bring the City council up to a whole different level. All round great guy!

Patty Gaul, South Hill Community

I have known Andy for over 20 years and have seen him in personal and professional settings. He sees the big picture in a level-headed way and is excellent at bringing people together and utilizing their gifts. That is why I endorse him for city council.

Tom Power, Real Property Investor

To me Andy represents hard work, intelligence and perspective.These traits will allow Andy to bring focus to our City Council, prioritize local issues and work with citizens and businesses to create low impact solutions that promote the prosperity of our City.

Brian Durheim

Andy’s vision of community coupled with being a skilled collaborator has already made a very notable change here in our region. Especially the gains for the quality of our own Spokane River.

C.G. Greg Sweeney

Andy has the experience, attitude and intelligence to be a great council person.

Randy Cameron – COO Baker Construction & Development, Spokane Park Board President 2013 -2015

Andy understands the challenges of both small business and city government. While working together on the Spokane Park Board, his success stood out as he developed sustainable programs, balancing budgets without reducing services.

Washington Hospitality Association Spokane Chapter

Dunau’s business and leadership experience make him an ideal candidate. This is someone who cares about Spokane and wants to take care of us and appreciates the financial burden of running a business.

Anne Francis, Small Business Owner

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy for over 2 decades – he is intelligent, level headed, hardworking and a creative problem solver.

Guy Gregory

I’ve worked with Andy for over 10 years. If you’re looking for a person to work with literally everyone to set goals, craft a way to achieve them, then do the work on time, all within a reasonable budget, he’s your guy.

Sam Song – Family Impact Network

I had the pleasure to work with Andy when he was a park board member and the chair of Riverfront Park Committee. From my personal experience with Andy, he is unpretentious, honest, fair, trustworthy and knows his stuff, be it finance, business or non profits. There is no nonsense in his vocabulary and his comments. I always enjoyed working with him!

  • David Condon, Mayor of Spokane
  • Michael Baumgartner, State Senator
  • Dave Clack, Retired Businessman and Momentum Co-chair
  • Tom Simpson, Founder of Etailz
  • Cyrus Vaughn, Developer
  • Rose Quigley, South Hill Community Member

Endorsed by the Spokesman-Review